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Just moved my blog from the main domain.  The main domain consists of a short info of me with all my social networking profiles and a contact form.  Register for my blog feed here to get my blog posts delivered directly into your Inbox.  I will start writing about Green Buildings, IGBC Exam, Preparation Guide, and a sample IGBC Exam Paper.

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  • Hi Kiran,

    Greetings from Ketan.
    I am appearing for IGBC AP exam schedule on 5 Jan 2013.
    I also attended the Adv training programme on Green Building Rating System last month.
    I have gone thru d study material for Leed 2001 for NC and CS as well Green Bldg Rating provided by IGBC.
    What else do I prepare for.
    Pl. guide me asap.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Hi,

    I am appearing for the exam this month can you plz answer these questions?

    1)A project invested in a wind farm to meet 100% of energy demand would be recognized because
    a) it encourages off site renewable energy
    b) enhances energy efficiency

    2)Preferred location of CO2 sensors in rooms of high occupancy
    a. Fresh air entry
    b. Return air ducts
    c. Outside the room
    d. Inside the space at breathing level

    3) Off site green power facilitates?

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