Step-by-step Guide to prepare for IGBC – AP exam

Are you a building professional and want to become IGBC Accredited Professional? Well, becoming IGBC Accredited Professional is much easier than what you think!

I passed IGBC – AP in June, 2010. I wanted to share the process that helped a non-design and non-constructional professional to pass the exam. Following is the model question paper and a step-by-step guide to start preparation for this exam.

IGBC – AP exam is designed to test the basic knowledge of candidate on green building design and certification process and is based on the Reference Guides of IGBC rating system. The Reference Guide is the manual that is used when certifying a project.

IGBC – AP Question Paper

As mentioned in IGBC’s website, this exam consists of 110 multiple choice questions, divided into four sections. Each correct answer gets one mark and there is no negative mark for incorrect answer.

Section I: Green Building Design & Construction (50 questions)

This section is to test the candidate’s knowledge on building design and construction practices related to green building construction. This section carries highest marks and one have to score maximum marks in this section to pass this exam.

I recommend you to read and review the process and design methods to achieve objective of each credit point of a rating system.

Sample questions:

  • The volume of rain water harvesting structure is designed based on?
  • The U value of glass to be selected for a building in a tropical climate should be?
  • Which type of vegetation eliminates need for irrigation?
  • Ideal location for CO2 censors with high density occupation?

Section II: Building Standards & Codes (15 Marks)

Scoring marks in this section is easy as it tests fundamentals of building standards and codes like National Building Code (NBC) of India, Energy conservation building code (ECBC), ASHRAE standards. Know the basics of each standard and code like where they are used, and meant for etc.

Sample questions:

  • ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2004 deals with?
  • ASHRAE Standard 90.1 is for?
  • Number of climate zones are there in India as per NBC?
  • Ventilation rates for non air conditioned areas?

Section III: IGBC Resources and Processes (15 Marks)

This section tests the knowledge of a candidate on IGBC registration and certification process of a project. Most of the information for this section is available in “IGBC registration and certification process” section given in reference guide. Additional information is available on IGBC website.

Sample Questions:

  • How to register a project for Green Building certification?
  • Pre-certified projects under the IGBC have to report progress for every _____ months?

Section IV: Green Design Strategies & Impacts (30Marks)

This section is to evaluate understanding of green building strategies and the impact that they would result in. The candidate is required to match the impact to a strategy provided.

Go through each credit point and get the knowledge on intent of each credit point and design strategies to achieve the goal of credit point.

Sample questions:

  • Walls in a building to be insulated to?
  • Compost toilets treat human waste by?

Step-by-step approach to prepare for IGBC – AP Exam

  • Start with abridged version of IGBC rating system. Download the abridged version of rating systems free from IGBC website, which provides very basic information of each credit. I recommend you to read and review the object of each credit point.
  • Purchase IGBC reference guide, which provides comprehensive information on the IGBC rating system.
  • Review the intent of each credit point, approach and methodologies to achieve those credit points.
  • Read and Understand the Process of registration and certification of a project
  • Read the basics of ECBC, NBC and ASHRAE standards.
  • Attend IGBC training programme

List of free reference guides/resources available on the net:
1. Free abridged versions of LEED reference guides:
2. ECBC latest version: here
3. US GBC’s Reference Material:

I hope this post has at least pointed you in the right direction and you now have an idea of how to prepare for this exam. If you have any questions, Post in comments and I will answer them whenever I get free time.

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  • i have been told to send a DD to green building office, how much time it usual takes for IGBC to give me a date for exam after they receive my DD.

    • As soon as the get the DD you can opt for any dates which starts from that day,example if IGBC receive your DD on 30th March you request for 5th April Exam date , if they have slot remaining for the Day and venue you will get it.

  • Please guide me to prepare for the IGBC Exam as to where can i get the past question papers for my preparation in hard copy format

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    second, i would like to know, after appearing for igbc examination, can i appear for a post graduate diploma degree in sustainable development? what career optins are open for me?

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  • Dear sir,

    For IGBC AP can i get question bank from somewhere.. how much cost it will be?
    Question bank will be usefull to read multiple choice questions.

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  • Hi Kiran,

    Thanks for your guidance.
    I cracked the IGBC AP exam.

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  • Thanks for your guidance. Your blog is VERY helpful.

  • Hi Kiran,
    Thanks. Your blog and its info is very comprehensive. Just cleared exam by 100 marks. Thanks for your support.

  • What benefits did an owner get when his/her building is rated as Platinum/Gold/Silver/Certified?
    I mean even IGBC didn’t cleared that benefits of IGBC certification.
    If you have so kindly reply

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