IGBC Green Township – Low carbon growth path for large developments

The official launch of the IGBC Green Township rating system (Pilot Version) was made by Dr B S Yediyurappa, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka at ‘Municipalika 2011’ organised  on 27 January 2011 at Bengaluru.  The IGBC Township rating system governs design and development of location, the high standards of sustainable development and environmental responsibility in the township developments. This rating system is applicable to the townships between 20 and 500 acres.

The “IGBC Green Townships” rating system (Pilot Version) is developed to address rapid growth of urbanization, automobile dependency, social and environmental disconnect and new trend of integrated townships in India.

It would address areas such as efficient land use, habitat preservation and restoration, effective transport management, efficient use of resource and enhanced quality of life for the occupants.

IGBC Green Township rating system:

IGBC Green Township rating system addresses green features under the following categories.

–       Site Selection & Planning

–       Land use planning

–       Transportation planning

–       Infrastructure resources management

–       Innovation design & technology

The rating system is a point based system and have 10 mandatory requirements & 200 credit points divided in to six categories mentioned above. Project should meet all mandatory credit to apply for a rating system. Four levels of certification are awarded to the project based on  number of points it achieved.

The threshold criteria for certification level are

Certified – 100-119 points

Silver – 120-139 points

Gold – 140-159 points

Platinum – 160-200 points

Selection of a project for Township rating system:

IGBC Green Township rating system is designed primarily for large scale developments. The project should meet the following three criteria to be certified under this rating system:

–       Large scale development covering atleast 50 hectares and or having a minimum built up area about 150000 sq.m

–       Atleast 25% of the development within the township should be earmarked for residential use for it to qualify for certification

–       The basic amentities as well as transit stops within a sector should be located within comfortable walking distances from various land uses.

IGBC Green Township rating system is in evalution stage and IGBC registering green township projects under pilot version to evalute and develop a robust rating system.  Marg Swarnabhoomi is a India’s first precertified platinum rating project under IGBC Green Township rating system.

Green Township contains all the components for compact and complete townships with walkable streets, a mix of amenities close by, and residents can lower their environmental impact while improving their quality of life.

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