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In June 2010, I passed the IGBC AP exam. As I was preparing for this course, I searched Internet to get advice, study material, and question papers and the result was…ZERO. Nothing is available on the net and most of the information was pertaining to Green Building exam of USA (LEED AP).

So, I decided to write about it to help the others who want to make a career in Green Buildings. This information will help you if you’re preparing for the IGBC AP test.

As this test is designed to test the knowledge of a candidate on green building design and construction, it is not compulsory to have any practical knowledge of green building construction & design and does not need to attend any institution to learn the syllabus. It only needs candidate’s interest on green building/energy efficiency /sustainable building construction & practices.

As I mentioned above, there is no third party or free references guides available for this exam. Only reference available at free of cost is abridged version of IGBC rating system and Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). These books will give you enough knowledge to get 50 to 70% of marks. As the minimum percentage of marks required to pass this exam is 80%(85 out of 110 questions), you have to read few more books.

My recommendations:

  • The best way to pass this exam is to buy a detailed reference guide priced at Rs. 1000.  Go to the IGBC – AP site for the address of CII and contact them through snail mail or by calling them on the telephone numbers mentioned to get the details about this book.
  • If you are from construction side, go through the Best Management Practices section in National Building Code India book.
  • Attend green building training programme conducted by IGBC. Check IGBC website to get details of training programmes.
  • Search internet for USGBC LEED reference guides which are available in some torrent sites (though it is illegal).
  • Download USGBC’s reference books from their website and go through them to get knowledge, which even helps you in green building designing and practicing.
  • Get the basic knowledge of ASHRAE standards.

Still have questions? Post in comments and I will answer them whenever I become free.  I am thinking to prepare few model questions, so that you can understand how the exam will look like.  Stay tuned!

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  • Sugam,
    Know a few answers – they are below. Answers to the remaining questions, even i am looking for. In case you get them, plz let me know
    Q4. Ans – Higher
    Q6. Ans – As low as possible
    Q7. Ans – Energy Costs
    Q9. Ans – Reduce use of virgin materials
    Q10. Ans – Encourage environmentally responsible forest management
    Q13. Ans – BEE
    Q15. Ans – Encourages offsite renewable energy

    • Dear Vishal,

      I am going to appear the IGBC. Please send sample questions papers links to solve similar questions before exam. What are the other books, I need to refer to appear this exam.
      Please send me any other links I should go through or the IGBS Green Homes book is enough.


  • Hi, your blog is quite informative. well I am an IT professional with an intent to work towards green sustainable buildings. I have a family business into construction and infrastructure which i plan to join. I have had basic knowledge about the industry but havent worked in the industry. Am i still eligible? if yes, then i need some advice on the prep front. I have read through all the abriged version and now reading LEED NC. Is the IGBC reference guide of utmost importance for the exam? can i buy a second hand if its available? Is is really important to memorise the credit no. and the point percentage? because i have understood the credits but find it hard to remember it in the correct credit chronology and the percentage associated. I am thoroughly confused now. please help.

  • wanted to know , what we would be eligible to do professionally after qualifying the IGBC – AP ? would we have authority to certify a perticular building as Green / Non green building ?

  • sir, once we crack the exam how long it is valid ….do we have to reappear for it after a specific period

  • Hi! this is Kaustubh from Mumbai and I’am appearing for IGBC AP exam on 6th of Feb. 2016 and need to clarify a doubt. Actually I had planned earlier to give this exam in Aug. 2015 but due to some unavoidable circumstances good not finalize the date, however I had ordered The Detailed Reference guide V2.0 and i have it with me currently. But during this time frame of 6 months IGBC has published IGBC Green New Buildings Rating System V3.0 ( Abridged Reference Guide) which i have downloaded in pdf format from the internet but I’am confused now as to start preparing from the older V2.0 or V3.0 latest. Also V3.0 is not showing on IGBC website under “Order Publications” link. Please Advice

    Kaustubh Yadav

  • Yesterday,I have cleared IGBC ap exam,scored 103/110.I will suggest the aspirants to follow the kiran blog sample questions with comments.Also folllow leed NC guidebook focusing more on the material credit.it will enough to be qualified and be alert on some tricky questions.

  • I have cleared IGBC ap exam last Saturday,scored 103.Thanks to kiran blog.


  • guys im studing third year architecture and im intrstd in green architecture….so what will be my opportunities if i pass in IGBC-AP exam..plz rly

  • Hi Guys. I am appearing for IGBC AP in Oct 2016. Can some body guide me the books that need to be studied. The IGBC Gree New buildings Rating Version 3, Aug 2015, is the book I am referring to. I also some versions for green homes, green interiors, factory buildings, of a older version than 2015. Please advice. If there is a link to latest question bank that will be helpful. Thanks.

  • Hi, where can I find sample question papers for Igbc exam?

  • I m Mechanical engineer & I want to appear for IGBC – ap how should I proceed? can you refer me guide books for the same? Can i Get online PDF for the Guide books?

  • please provide me sample papers of IGBC AP

  • Dear Kiran,
    I’m Mechanical engineer & I want to appear for IGBC – ap how should I proceed? can you refer me guide books for the same? Can i Get online PDF for the Guide books?
    I need to refer to appear this exam.
    Please send me any other links I should go through or the IGBS Green Homes book is enough.


  • Hello Kiran,

    Good Morning!

    Thanks for sharing the necessary info ,which helped my preparation to pass the IGBC AP exam in a very short span of time.

    FAQ’s were very useful.


  • Hello, Kiran and Bala. I am a final year civil engineering student as is going to appear for IGBC AP Exam next month. I am thankful for all the help you have been providing through your blog.
    I was looking at the reading material and had a doubt pertaining to the same. Is there any difference between IGBC Green Homes Detailed Guide and Abridged Reference Guide. I am currently having abridged reference guide from my University Library but due to financial constraints I wanted to know is it a major requirement.
    I am currently studying below material
    1. National Building Code (Part 4, 7 and 10)
    2. IGBC Green Home (Abr. Ref. Guide)
    3. IGBC Green Factory (Abr. Ref Guide)
    4. IGBC Green New Building (Abr. Ref Guide)
    5. IGBC Green Township (Abr. Ref Guide)
    6. ECBC 2009
    7. Your question Blogs
    Do you suggest anything other than this which I should refer??

  • Hello, Kiran and Bala I had a look over the entire blog. I am very thankful for all the responses and ref material which you are providing on blog.
    I am preparing for IGBC AP and shall be appearing next month.
    I wanted to know if there is any difference between IGBC Green Home Abridged Ref. Guide and IGBC Green Home Detailed Ref. Guide. Kindly pls suggest if is it neceesary to purchase detailed ref. guide.
    I am currently reading the following material. Pls suggest if anything else than this I should refer.
    1. NBC (Part 4,7 AND 10)
    2. IGBC Green Home
    3. IGBC Green Factory
    4. IGBC Green New Building
    5. IGBC Green Township
    6. ECBC
    7. LEED NC
    Thanks for all the help. Waiting for a positive response as early as possible

  • hello sir i am from indore. i have completed my graduation from davv indore in civil engineering. i want this this book & all the deatails which can help me to clear this exam

  • Sir I am preparing for IGBC and planning to give exam in May 24
    Help me by sharing the required study material.

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