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Indian Green Building Council Accredited Professional (IGBC – AP) is a designated professional to participate in green building projects developed using IGBC rating system like IGBC Green Homes, IGBC Factory buildings, IGBC SEZ. IGBC rating systems come as standards for Green Buildings and cover all aspects of a building, from materials, to energy, water and building operation.

Whoever wants to become IGBC – AP has to pass IGBC – AP exam conducted by Indian Green Building Council. This designation indicates that the professional has basic knowledge of green construction, operations, and building design. To encourage participation of IGBC – AP in green building projects an extra credit point is awarded under ‘Innovation and Design’ category if an IGBC – AP is part of the project team.

Career as an IGBC – AP

Green Buildings are going to be major plans for balanced economic development with environmental concern in India. India, already established green building movement with 687 registered projects and 110 certified projects as of 15.08.2010 and the future trend look to be green building concept becoming a part of every building design & construction.

As there are only 224 IGBC – Accredited Professionals as of August 2010 and the number of projects registering for green building certification increasing rapidly; definitely there will be a big demand in future

How to take IGBC – AP exam

The ‘Indian Green Building Council™ Accredited Professional Examination’ (IGBC – AP) offered by the IGBC is a credential for professionals to participate in green building projects. IGBC – AP tests your knowledge and understanding on green building design and IGBC process. As there is no restriction like in USGBC LEED AP where, candidate required to have experience in green building design & construction or education program that addresses green building principles. Anyone can take this exam and it does not need any experience or qualification in green building design and construction.

IGBC relies on third party testing facilities – Merittrac Services Private Ltd to conduct IGBC – AP exam. Candidates who want to take exam have to register through the IGBC’s website and have to pay examination fee by DD.

The examination fee is for students Rs. 3000/- and for professionals, it is Rs. 5000/-

The examination has four sections:
Section I: Green Building Design & Construction
Section II: Building Standards & Codes
Section III: IGBC Resources and Processes
Section IV: Green Design Strategies & Impacts

Successful candidates will be awarded the ‘IGBC Accredited Professional’ certificate and will be listed on the IGBC web site.

The exam consists of 110 questions in multiple-choice format with each question carrying one mark. To be successful, the candidates will have to score a minimum of 85 marks.

IGBC – AP means that you are a committed professional for developing Green Building design as well as the ability to facilitate green building certification and also it shows your commitment towards environment and earth.

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