Step-by-step Guide to prepare for IGBC – AP exam

Are you a building professional and want to become IGBC Accredited Professional? Well, becoming IGBC Accredited Professional is much easier than what you think!

I passed IGBC – AP in June, 2010. I wanted to share the process that helped a non-design and non-constructional professional to pass the exam. Following is the model question paper and a step-by-step guide to start preparation for this exam.

IGBC – AP exam is designed to test the basic knowledge of candidate on green building design and certification process and is based on the Reference Guides of IGBC rating system. The Reference Guide is the manual that is used when certifying a project.

IGBC – AP Question Paper

As mentioned in IGBC’s website, this exam consists of 110 multiple choice questions, divided into four sections. Each correct answer gets one mark and there is no negative mark for incorrect answer.

Section I: Green Building Design & Construction (50 questions)

This section is to test the candidate’s knowledge on building design and construction practices related to green building construction. This section carries highest marks and one have to score maximum marks in this section to pass this exam.

I recommend you to read and review the process and design methods to achieve objective of each credit point of a rating system.

Sample questions:

  • The volume of rain water harvesting structure is designed based on?
  • The U value of glass to be selected for a building in a tropical climate should be?
  • Which type of vegetation eliminates need for irrigation?
  • Ideal location for CO2 censors with high density occupation?

Section II: Building Standards & Codes (15 Marks)

Scoring marks in this section is easy as it tests fundamentals of building standards and codes like National Building Code (NBC) of India, Energy conservation building code (ECBC), ASHRAE standards. Know the basics of each standard and code like where they are used, and meant for etc.

Sample questions:

  • ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2004 deals with?
  • ASHRAE Standard 90.1 is for?
  • Number of climate zones are there in India as per NBC?
  • Ventilation rates for non air conditioned areas?

Section III: IGBC Resources and Processes (15 Marks)

This section tests the knowledge of a candidate on IGBC registration and certification process of a project. Most of the information for this section is available in “IGBC registration and certification process” section given in reference guide. Additional information is available on IGBC website.

Sample Questions:

  • How to register a project for Green Building certification?
  • Pre-certified projects under the IGBC have to report progress for every _____ months?

Section IV: Green Design Strategies & Impacts (30Marks)

This section is to evaluate understanding of green building strategies and the impact that they would result in. The candidate is required to match the impact to a strategy provided.

Go through each credit point and get the knowledge on intent of each credit point and design strategies to achieve the goal of credit point.

Sample questions:

  • Walls in a building to be insulated to?
  • Compost toilets treat human waste by?

Step-by-step approach to prepare for IGBC – AP Exam

  • Start with abridged version of IGBC rating system. Download the abridged version of rating systems free from IGBC website, which provides very basic information of each credit. I recommend you to read and review the object of each credit point.
  • Purchase IGBC reference guide, which provides comprehensive information on the IGBC rating system.
  • Review the intent of each credit point, approach and methodologies to achieve those credit points.
  • Read and Understand the Process of registration and certification of a project
  • Read the basics of ECBC, NBC and ASHRAE standards.
  • Attend IGBC training programme

List of free reference guides/resources available on the net:
1. Free abridged versions of LEED reference guides:
2. ECBC latest version: here
3. US GBC’s Reference Material:

I hope this post has at least pointed you in the right direction and you now have an idea of how to prepare for this exam. If you have any questions, Post in comments and I will answer them whenever I get free time.

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  • Dear Kiran,

    It was very thoughtful of you to reflect on the needs of AP exam candidate and provide the feedback based on your edxperiance.


    Shashank Selot
    All India Business Development Manager
    Aquametro Energy Metering Solutions

  • Dear Kiran ,
    I am extremely happy to go through the contabt of your tips in IGBC AP exams .
    I AM SURE THIS WILL BE REALLY HELPFUL TO ALL ASPIRANTS . I am also going to share to my colleagues who wish to appear in this exam .

    Bhavesh Mehta
    Dy Generakl Manager
    Reliance Retail Limited
    Navi Mumbai

  • Hello, please let me know if i can appear for IGBC AP exam if iam not at all from green field. iam intrested in consultation and thus want tpo appear this exam, what if i dont get 85 marks will i have to again register and pay the fees.?

    • You can appear for IGBC – AP exam, as of now there is no qualification and experience is required.You need to register again and have to pay total fee.

  • where can i buy the reference guide ?

    • Write a letter to the following address and ask for the IGBC Reference Guide:

      Confederation of Indian Industry
      CII-Godrej GBC
      Survey No.64, Kothaguda Post, Near Hi-Tec city
      Hyderabad – 500 084
      Tel:+91 40 2311 2971 – 73; Fax: 2311 2837

  • Dear Sir,
    I am a registered (COA )Architect from mumbai.I got your reference from IGBC website.
    I would be glad if you could guide me regarding the IGBC Certified program.
    I have a few queries, they are as follows:-
    1.How can we utilize the knowledge after clearing the certified program,the future prospects after clearing the IGBC Certified.
    2.Can we approach some institutions for the professional experience on live projects.
    3. Is the awareness for the IGBC Certified projects increasing, so that this knowledge can be utilised in the fullest.

  • The link given to download ECBC latest version isn’t working. Any other link available???

  • Dear Kiran
    Thank for provising such a valuable information.

    presently i m working on few green building projects. can you please guide me what is the right time for submitting the documents to certifcation body for residential projects.

    Farooqui Safir

    • Is your project registered with the IGBC? Are you going for precertification?

      If you registered for precertification start preparing documentation at initial design & construction stage. Precertification document contains design details, conformation of credit intent and requirements, and supporting documents of anticipated credits.

      IGBC says:

      Those projects which seek precertification need to submit the following documentation:
      · For each credit, a narrative on how the project would meet the goal
      · Design calculations, wherever appropriate
      · Drawings (in native format only) as appropriate
      · Filled in templates wherever applicable

      IGBC would take 40 working days to review the first set of precertification documents. On receiving the clarifications posed in the first review, IGBC would
      take another 40 working days to award the precertification.

      • Dear Kiran,

        projects are already pre- certified with IGBC during design stage

        please guide for final certification procedure.

        • For final certification documentation is submitted in two phases

          1) Design phase

          2) Construction phase

          Reference guide provides list of design and construction stage documents for each credit. Each submission takes 40 working days to get review and if any clarifications required it will take another 40 working days for review.

          Let calculate required time for certification:

          Design phase 1st review – assume 50 days for submission & review and if any clarifications required

          2nd review – 15 days to submit clarification and another 50 days for review

          Total – 115 days

          Construction phase: again 115 days for final certification

          But you can submit construction documents along with 2nd review of design phase to short time

          50 +15 + 50 +15 +50 =180 days

          So start submission of documents at least 6 to 8 months before the completion of project to get certification along with inauguration of building.

          • Thanks kiran,

            I m very much satisfied with you suggestion.

            To explore more..
            can further reduce the time by submitting both design as well as construction credit simultaneously.

            required time will be
            50 + 15 + 50 = 115 days

  • Dear Sir,
    I would like to know about the job opportunity after clearing IGBC exam.

  • Dear Kiran,

    Please help i m BSc Maths Graduate and i m intrested in getting IGBC Cerfication Course kindly provide the procedure and fees involved in it…

  • dear kiran

    great initiative!!!!!!!!

    keep up the good work!!!!!!

    im planning to do this certification!!
    will be in touch

    thank u!!

  • Dear kiran,

    can u please guide me how to get a copy of national building codes online or atleast the chapter best management practices as u have mentioned in one of your posts??

    thank for your time


  • I am in last year of civil engineering and i m interested to become an IGBC A.P. I want IGBC refrence guides.Can u give the source from where can i get the refrence guide???

    Await for your reply

  • dear kiran

    Which book should i buy from CII for the preparation of IGBC AP exam?

  • hi
    this is vishesh shah am a civil engg from guajrat and m taking up igbc leed ap exam next month … can u plzz guide me thru
    and is it worth to give igbc or usgbc ??

    awaiting ur reply

  • Hi Kiran,

    I have jus started my career in Green building as am working as junior design engineer in a MEP consultancy. Since i have only 3 months of experience at work, i need to know how long would i require to prepare myself for IGBC AP. Assuming i can prepare for an hour daily. Awaiting your reply…
    Thanks & Regards

  • Hi,

    I am a professional in the field of environmental engineering and interested in being a IGBC AP soon. Do we have a multiple choice questions in this test?

  • Which Abridged version should one read for the exam preperations? Ihave read the green homes and factories…do we need to rad all of them listed on the igbc website? please let me know.

  • Dear Kiran,
    As i’m persuing btech civil in a pre final year and the step by step reference which you mentioned above really help me out for ap exam ,could you please also assist me up regarding from where i could grab the basics of ashrae , ecbc and nbc and please also help me if i could get previous year question paper.

  • I am a Certified Energy Auditor who has spent a good amount of time in the industry. I am not at all connected with the Building/Construction/Architecture. Will this certification be useful for me?

  • Hi all,

    Just got through with my exam. Scored a 98. I think 50% of the stuff was from what has already been posted on this blog. It is a great resource!!

    • hiii,
      i m wilng to appear fr the exam in may so may i know the most diffcult question’s u have faced in the exam so tat i can concentrate more on tat!!!!!!!!its a request…….

      • Hi,

        I appeared over the last weekend and cleared it. Most difficult section I would say will be design strategies part which you may want to focus.

    • Hi Neetika,

      Congratulations on clearing the AP exam with a impressive score. I see you are a recent from you post date [2012], candidate who has cleared the exam, so would like to ask you for your guidance. I am appearing for the exam on 16 feb 2012. I am a civil eng. from New Zealand, hence I would like to know what should be my preparation for the exam. I have received the reading material for the same from IGBC, but is there anything else you prepared for the exam. Kindly do revert, Awaiting your reply at the earliest.

  • Dear Kiran,
    Is it important to study from
    IGBC Green Townships
    GBC Green SEZ &
    LEED® India for Core and Shell as well for the IGBC AP exam??

  • Hello Kiran:
    Im totally confused, i was sent the leed india nc version 1…now they have a 2011 available on the website, which one should we follow for the exam?
    Also do we have to read the nbc,ashare and the best practices sections for the exam?
    please advise!


    • Hi,

      I suggest you don’t need to worry about the version of the guidelines. Regardless of it being 2011 or 2007, the questions are mostly generic and they test our basic knowledge on green building design and strategies.

      Have a thorough read of the detailed version of NC and go through the Green Homes abridged version as well the FAQ part of IGBC site.

      Best wishes..

  • Thanks for the inspiring endeavour. I am in the construction field for the last 20 years or so. I want to know what are the prospects as a green house LEED consultant.

  • Hi Kiran,
    This is a great effort…
    I cleared my exam last week with a good score… and would really like to thank you for the great help though your blog..
    Thanks alot once again..

  • I intend to start up trading company or be a supplier of products used in green buildings and green roofs or even manufacture green products used in construction and industries, I am basically a commerce graduate will apprearing IGBC exam give me aa advantage and give me more knoweledge of the Green Building concept

  • Hi kiran…

    thanks a lot for ur initiative!! really a great effort!! i cleared my exam yestrday… its cuz of this blog n practice quetions in dis blog..practice questions gave me an idea of how the questions ll be n how to prepare for it!! i planned my preparation based on dat!!!

    and als i would like to thank all the ppl who contributed to this blog!! keep contributing…after getting passed ,dont leave this place.share ur knowledge!! stay in touch!!!

    • Hi Sathik,

      What kind of questions were asked from ashrae and ecbc?I don’t know what I should study from these.Where can I get ashrae standards?

  • some questions from my exam

    which of the following will consume more water

    strength and durability properties of recycled steel when compared to virgin steel will be

    waste aeroplane tyres are used as wheel for camel cart in rajasthan.
    its a good example of?

    b.resource reuse

    man made swales are used for

    a.rain water harvest
    b.minimise site disturbance
    c.storm water runoff
    d.waste collection

  • Hi,

    First of all, please add another thanks in your collection for putting in such wonderful efforts.

    Second, I am looking forward for this examination but as you suggested for attending a training programme, I have two queries:
    1. As per schedule Advance Training is available in recent times. Can I attend advance or should i wait for simple training?
    2. How much materialistic impactful will training have over the preperation? Can i appear without it?

    • Hi abhinav,

      I attended the advanced training program in April 2012 . I don’t think this course helps with the exam.They just repeat whatever is in the Leed nc guide.The training also teaches you to fill in the Leed templates.Not really helpful from an exam point of view.

  • Guys..appeared for this exam on 5th May and fortunately cleared off. I was told by some of my comrades that the exam would be pretty basic and even questions posted here in the 3 questionnaires prepared by kiran should suffice for the exam and trust me they have passed it just based on that and few hours with LEED NC abridged version.

    Fortunately I took their advice just a day before the exam and had already well versed myself with LEED NC reference book, ECBC 2007, all abridged versions on IGBC site, some of the relevant content of NBC and Ashrae too. Just to add to your info I am a hardcore environmentalist by profession, so i already knew tha subject matter. Even after all these things I could just score 83%. guys, I am really satisfied with the score as the exam pattern or standard they haev showcased this time has really been to application oriented rather than just another question.
    There were no questions on how many credits, neither on thresholds but on total application, technology, strategy, some of the conditions on relevant codes especially ECBC and NBC.
    90 minutes is enough to attempt all, though I hardly took 30 minutes for all.

    One advice to all : no need to mug up numbers on credits and thresholds, understand each thing in detail. read through all the things available on IGBC site and this blog. If you are clear about concepts ( and weaker on remembering number ) you should clear the exam. Spend atleast a month ( 3-4 hours a day).

    Its worth appearing for this certification. Even after having good experience in environment field, the content added lot of value to me and also gives one a different perspective to look at.

    • Thank you anurag.that was helpful! And congratulations 🙂 aren’t we supposed to score a minimum of 85 to pass? Have they changed it ?

    • Hi Anurag that’s nice to know that you have cleared the exam , am to appear for the same in October.I am trying to understand how I should prepare myself. It would be really kind if you could suggest reading material in addition to what you have mentioned above. ?thanks Deepti

      • Hi Deepti,
        Whatever i suggested, if you could cover those material and take the concepts Internalized – thats should be good to have for this exam. First and foremost is the leed nc reference guide. Revise it once and then switch onto other materials, you would find it quite easy to just glance through everything else as the reference guide creates a base for everything.
        Google out few things around ecbc and ashrae, but need not go in detail. ECBC and Ashrae – you can specifically look for the tables and some datapoints given instead of theory.
        hope it helps.
        good luck.

        • Hi Anurag Thanks a lot for the prompt reply , just wanted to know if Leeds NC Ref Guide is same as mentioned on IGBC website – the abridged version? Or some other version should be referred? Thanks once again

        • Dear Anurag,
          I need to know about IGBC Reference guide which as I have understood from posts above has to be purchased from CII?Please Could you elaborate on it?

          Thanks a lot for all the help.
          Deepti MN

        • Hi Anurag , I have taken your advice and read up Leed Reference Guide 2011 as much as possible and done the practice tests available here also.My exam is in October , can you share more advice on preparation?
          Where can I read up on ECBC and Ashrae?
          Thanks once again,

          • Hi Deepti,
            Its great that you could cover things well beforehand. As I said be clear with the concepts and measures given in LEED reference guide. No as such need to mug up anything, if you have the understanding of the subject matter and what’s the purpose of any conservation measure, you should be through with it.

            Regarding your question on ECBC and Ashrae: I suggest looking at the uploads on IGBC’s site wherein all other abridged versions are uploaded. Both the files- ECBC and Ashrae has content almost similar to the things you read in reference guide. Hence just have a look at some of the table contents there. E.g LDI for office, Insulating materials, etc.

            Hope this helps.

        • Thanks a lot for the response Anurag,am wondering where I can find a gist of Ashrae standards with a listing of all codes and their scope?

  • cleared t exam nd scored 93/110 with 84.55%…………thanks a lot kiran

    • congratulations riyaz… can you tell me if you did go through ashrae , ecbc , etc.. i guess all the questions listed on this blog are a little old… what about any new ones?do u remember any new questions not listed on this blog?
      can you give you opinion of what you think we should study and all that.latest updates will be really helpful!

      • thanks archana!!!!i did go through ecbc but i hv not covered all t topics topics but few like SC/SHGC,VSD,HVAC cycle,LPD etc.frm my opinion if u just want clear only IGBC AP go thoroughly to all t questns frm ths blog nd LEED-AP reference guide(new version).Soon i vl post some new qns whch i hv noted dwn during t exam.
        here is 1 question frm t exam
        *Centrifugal pump AHU wuld operate at its best at-
        :Pressure lower than its design
        :Rated duty point (correct)
        :Depend on Site conditions
        :At flow lower than its design

        few more vl b soon posted

    • Hi Riyaz,

      How are you ? I met you on the exm day. Can you provide your email/mobile number. You can mail to

      I wnat to talk to you regarding exam.

    • Hi Riyaz,

      Please post the questions.


  • Riyaz…
    Can you please tell what all questions came when you took the exam.have my exam on 16th of june…wud be really helpful if you could jot down some.

    • Hi Mrinal,

      All the best for your exmas! Please try to remember new questions not listed on this blog and post them after you exams.

  • what species factor fr Plants u vl choose for lanscape which use less water!
    *0.1 (correct)

    !!!!sorry fr t late but domain of this site is taking much more time to post my comment……….

  • Hi Riyaz

    Please send your contacts I want to discuss with you in depth regarading the exam.



  • Thanks Kiran Sir,
    I really thank u for creating such blog for IGBC AP exam.It provides good guidance.One thing I want to ask u that the reference guides available on igbc website and the IGBC reference guide which u have asked to purchase are different or same.
    Pls clear my this doubt ASAP so that i’ll have to buy the required one.

    • IGBC GUIDE provided on web site vl also help u but the guide whch is to b provided by IGBC office whc u want to buy is a detail reference guide.

  • hii…
    hv taken the exam and passed it too.thanks a lot to the creators of this blog…kiran sir and bala and all those who have contributed to the piece of advice to all the aspirants- take this blog seriously bcoz most of the questions were from here and yes studying the detailed reference guide would be suffice.

  • Hi everyone am planning to take IGBC exam in October this year , Lot of people have recommended this forum for preparation. I need to know which books I must read in addition to this.

  • Kiran,

    It would be nice if the questions which are unanswered are answered. Some of my friends and i are studying together. We are finding it difficult to find answers. I kindly request you to answer the questions.

    • only questions related to standards are unasnwerd here..
      if u send the questions,i ll givu the answer!

      • Sathik/Kiran,

        Can u please give me the answers for the following questions?
        1.CO2 sensors in low density areas should be placed near?
        Breathing Zone
        •Return Air Duct
        •Supply Air Duct
        •Entrance of the space
        2.Factor that would indicate the extent of daylight in a space?-
        VLT or
        window geometry
        3.To enhance daylighting in building what factors influence the most?
        Decrease VLT of the glass
        •Decrease window to floor area ration
        •Increase window to floor area ratio
        •Increase floor plate areas
        4.In the life cycle of A/C, the maximum expense on the equipment will be on
        Energy Cost
        Maintenance Cost
        Initial Cost
        5.Maximum energy performance in a commercial building is helpful in?

        Awaiting you earliest reply.
        Thank you.

  • Hi divya,

    When do u plan to take the exam?

  • hey guys,
    I am taking my exam on 18th August. Can somebody please help me with the following questions. I am really confused about these:-
    1. preferred location of co2 sensors in rooms of low occupancy – return air ducts or outside the room?
    2. NBC parking guidelines are based on – Building area or no. of occupants and function?
    3. LPD as per ECBC codes?
    4. Why post consumer recycled content accorded higher value than post industrial?
    4. LPD for office space as per ECBC codes?
    5. In the life cycle of A/C , maximum expense on equipment will be on – Maintanence or energy cost?
    6. VLT for maximum daylight should be – as high as possible or as low as possible or optimal or neither too high nor too low?
    7. Factor that would indicate the extent of day light in a space will be- VLT or window geometry?

  • Dear Sir,
    I Mayurdhwajsinh Dodiya working as Sr. Planning Engineer (HVAC) in Ahmedabad.
    With refer to the subject i need your kind support for the information & guidance regarding IGBC AP Exam.
    I want to appear for IGBC AP Exam, Plz guide me for eligibility criteria (Academic & Experience) and how to apply for the same.
    From where i will gate exam preparation materials? Coaching is required or not? Is there any coaching class in Ahmedabad for IGBC AP.?

    What is the difference between LEED GA and IGBC AP? Both are similar or not?
    So, Please guide me for the same.
    I am looking forward for receiving your favorable reply.


    Mayurdhwajsinh Dodiya

  • mam i am pursuing civil engineering and i want to be a green builder,does igbc exam could help me? or i have to do environmental enginnering?

  • I really thank u for creating such blog for IGBC AP exam.It provides good guidance.

  • Just took my exam yesterday, and cleared it (86/110)!
    This blog was extremely helpful, thank you to the admins – most of the questions on the exam were repetitions from this blog 🙂


    • Dear NS
      Good Day to you. I am NT from Mumbai, I am interested for IGBC exam, I am from commerce field and just interested in this filed, Please tell me what will be the scope of job if i clear the exam. As i m from other field, As per my idea it will have more future ahead, as in near future there will be more green projects will come up and there will be shortage of IGBC professtional. Please advise.
      Thanks and Regards

    • hi ..em interested to write the exam can u say wat are the materials required to prepare for the exam..

      • Hi,

        The material as follows

        1.LEED NC and CS Reference guide (592 pages)
        2.IGBC Green Homes abridged guide(130 pages)
        3.IGBC Green Factory (82 pages)
        4.IGBC Green SEZ (76 Pages)
        5.NBC 2005 (erosion control part)
        6.ECBC user guide 2011(176 pages)

        This will help you.


  • Hello! please give link to online practice tests.

  • Hi…I am planning to move to the US soon. I was wondering if IGBC is recognized in US. Is it the same as the LEED certification in US?

    • Hi,

      In US, IGBC AP is not recognized. LEED GA and LEED AP is valid.

      LEED formats, credits are more similar in US and India. but US rating system more stringent.


  • Hi Kiran,

    I have a Diploma in Environmental Engineering and ISO 14001 from ITM, Chennai. Of course the courses studied there and the experience would make give indepth understanding. want your suggestion on making it to IGBC acccreditation.

  • where can i find model question papers. THe links here are not working. thanks

  • helo can anyone help me regarding “Background material of green building training programme conducted by IGBC”. this is required for the preparation of igbc ap exam.

    plz help

  • Hi to all,

    I have also appeared for the IGBC Exam,Some of the questions from my exam is

    1.LPD for office is compared with?
    2.Asphalt run off compares with?
    3.Number of air cahbages in factrires?
    4.Vegetation in town ship help for?
    5.Good roads in town ship will hepk for?

  • first I would like to thank KIRAN and everyone who contributed to this blog .I appeared on 4 JAn 2014 and cleared it with 97/110 ….in just 12 days preparation with the help of this blog ….Go trough all the question at least 25 + question were from this blog ..Thanks again

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